Friday, August 27, 2010

Buy or Sell

We hear things all of the time that we're not sure of. And when we do, we have to decide: "Am I going to believe this to be true or not?" Here are some recent examples from my life where I had to decide to "buy or sell" the rumor...

1) "LeBron is going to leave Cleveland." I sold that one. Didn't think he'd leave his hometown team. (Call me naive...shows you how much I know.) If you don't know who LeBron is or what I'm talking are blessed.

2) "Brett Favre is not going to play for the Vikings in 2010." I sold that one too. Got this one right. I had a pretty strong hunch he was going to come back...again.

3) "Tiger Woods' marriage will be restored." I bought that. Wrong. I really thought (call me an eternal optimist) that somehow it would get worked out. (Don't laugh.)

4) "Jody will cry when Andrew leaves home for college." I bought that one (with no hesitation). Yes, got this one right too. I'm a self-aware man, what can I say?

5) "Jody and Michelle are leaving Chapin because Andrew has graduated from high school." I've heard that one off and on for over a year now. I've heard it a few times recently, and heard it again today. So, I'm thinking it's time I address the issue in a more public format.

We are so blessed to be a part of the CUMC family. The past nine + years have been absolutely amazing! Our prayer before hearing that we would be moving to Chapin was two-fold: "Lord, please send us somewhere we can partner with You and your people so that You can build a truly GREAT church; and, please allow us to spend the rest of our ministry days in that place committed to that work." That's a pretty bold prayer. There are lots of good churches, really good churches, but how many GREAT churches are there? And, considering the UMethodist practice of moving pastors (i.e., the itinerant system), asking (expecting) to stay in a place an extended period of time is pretty ambitious. But here we are, in our 10th year, and we're LOVING doing ministry here (God is doing some AWESOME stuff!) and we believe "We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!" (Remember that from Vision Night 2010???)

So, am I buying or selling the rumor that we're leaving Chapin since Andrew is in Clemson? I am SELLING that one big time!!! I understand the thinking out there, but I'm not buying.

There may come a time for Michelle and I to move on. Only the Lord knows if and when that will be. But as long as (a) God is blessing the ministry; (b) we sense the partnership necessary to allow God to build a GREAT church; and (c) the church (local and general) are committed to us being in Chapin, our plan is to work as hard as we can, right here, along side some of the GREATEST Christ-followers ANYWHERE!!!

In my mind, moving is based on the movement of the Father, not the son.

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Anonymous said...

I get up early for my time with my readings and I will be waiting -Ed Gohn

Anonymous said...

New ideas and change are uncomfortable.The bible does open on days other than Sunday. Proverbs 12:15