Monday, April 22, 2013

Heal Me, Fill Me: Day One

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  -John 7:37b-38

1. Who does Jesus invite to "come to Him and drink"? Does that describe you?
2. What does Jesus promise to anyone who "drinks" of His presence? How do you get filled with Jesus?
3. Do you think the "rivers of living water" that flow (from the one who drinks of Jesus' presence) are intended only for people who are easy to love?

Heavenly Father, I am so thirsty. The things of this world, as good as they can be, just don't quench my thirst and leave me satisfied. I need You. Today, I come to You to drink. Thank You in advance for your love that will flow from within me into the lives of others. Amen.


Carolyn Hartley said...

Thank you Jody. Christ's living waters are such nourishment, especially in an economy that demands more and more but offers drain holes in a cup (we listened) for the effort. God bless you and Chapin UMC.

Kim Berry said...

Thank you for posting these challenges. It is something I need. I have a reminder to check this every day this week. We will see how I do.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is too weak.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a powerful series this past three weeks.

Regarding Heal Me; Fill Me.
Thank goodness, it says 'anyone'. If I are truly drinking the living waters I should be producing the fruit of the Spirit.
Easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Lisa G. I don't know how to post with my name. So it posted as anonymous.

Julie Dawson said...

My prayer is for the river to run deep, wide and beautifully from the church and beyond to reach all those who we find most difficult. A great way I have found to start this difficult task is with a smile. Sometimes words get us into exchanges that are not loving.

Peace and Love to you all!

Lisa R. said...

I'm filled with the "me" disease and I know it. I wish that those healing waters fill me to excess, and wash away that desire to only see "my needs, my wants, my desires". I pray every day that Jesus pours more of himself in, so that "my waters" reflect His presence, His peace, His attitude. Thanks for a good series always, you blessed me!

Leslie Firestone said...

God's will is taking us back to the water again as we will be assisting a stranded Captain in Charleston who lost his crew. We will be gone for two weeks as we head to Norfolk. Our Lord never ceases to surprise us and give us the desire of our heart. Pray that His light will shine through us.

Steve said...

Wow. Good stuff! #3 hit me between the eyes; it's been on my heart lately how Jesus told us we should LOVE our enemies...not tolerate them, not 'smile and be nice to them', not 'kill 'em with kindness', but to love them.

I am truly still in the process of sanctification!

John Nesbitt said...

Some of the members of our cell group don't have on-line access so I printed your blog to take to the meeting tonight

Anonymous said...

I am finding out that the living water needs to flow deep from within the depths of my being and pour out to love someone that has not been easy to love lately. I am thankful that the last three messages have helped to keep me focused. It is easy to let the river drain when faced with ones that are hard to love and not rely on prayer for Jesus to be there to keep the river flowing.

Maria said...

Mr. Jody,

God bless you, and I hope the numbers are good, but yah got to remember, Its worth it even if only one person grows from this, who knows, the Lord has a way of even changing us through our being vessals to for him to reach others:)! "The wonderful thing about water is that sometimes when it's being poured, it splashes back on us!"

My uncle told me the other day, "Do you know a person could write tons of books on the effects of water!". As I reflected on this post, I realized, yes, water has great effects that are endless but.... the "Living Water" .... Oh man.... now that ENDLESS!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Each week I'm finding that the drink has me thirsty for more and therefore I feel like it is begining to flowing through me. I believe we are the water for those in need. Jody has been my water. Thank you Jody!!!