Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bruised Toes and A Beat-up Can

We learned on Monday that the United Methodist Judicial Council will not rule on the election of a lesbian bishop at it's regularly scheduled October meeting. They have postponed their decision until Spring of 2017.

Why the delay? The Council says they need more time to "prayerfully consider" the issues involved because of the "importance of the petition." [click here to read more]

The can continues to get kicked down the road.

The frustrations continue to mount.

And we continue to delay the inevitable.

We are a church (the United Methodist denomination) that simply cannot agree on the role and authority of scripture. Radical acts of disobedience and rebellion (spiritual adultery) have been and continue to be committed. Our covenant of sacred trust has been betrayed and broken. We are a church with irreconcilable differences.

My heart is broken. Many of yours are broken. And, even worse, I believe our Heavenly Father's heart is broken as well.

Please continue to cry out to Almighty God that the UMC will listen to and obey His voice. Culture is screaming. He is whispering. Therein lies the challenge.

Come, Lord Jesus! Please come quickly.

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